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“The start of the athleisure trend is often traced back to 2014. This was the year when Nike CEO, Mark Parker, announced that “leggings are the new denim” and when Beyoncé first unveiled her Ivy Park collection with Topshop, which was described as a range that looks like it has technical sports aspects, targeting those who work out and those who just want to look like they do.”1       Athleisure wear has been identified as workout clothes that are worn to be seen. They allow the wearer to not compromise on style and fashion whilst they exercise –...

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  I’m sure you’ve heard this term more than you would have liked over the last few years if you have been listening. It’s all anyone in the UK talks of, whilst it divides families and heightens tension in workplaces. Aside from the detriments it has brought to the UK, like the rise in racially motivated attacks and terrorism by 21%1, the projected impact of Brexit on small companies in the UK is not positive. Far from it.      How will Brexit affect the UK’s economy and small businesses? Well, this entirely depends on whether Boris Johnson will come...

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